After graduating from Ghent University in 2016 with a master’s degree in electromechanical engineering I started working at CNH Industrial, in the combine harvester innovation team. There I had the chance to learn a lot about computer vision, and apply deep learning to automate combine harvesters.

In 2018 I switched to Octinion, a smaller R&D company, where I worked on many deep learning projects in the agricultural sector. In my role as AI lead I introduced deep learning in the company and coached colleagues on a technical level. I started a PhD in collaboration with Octinion in 2019, partly funded by VLAIO (Baekeland mandate).

Since March 2021 I am no longer working at Octinion and continuing my PhD in a more fundamental research direction. My research is on the intersection of visual perception, dynamical systems and control.

On this blog I write about my research as well as side projects. I live in the beautiful city of Bruges with my wonderful wife and two kids.